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“Studio” is a side project that started at the end of the 70’s with the retrieval of home-sourced equipment and materials (tape recorders and players, cassette decks, vynils and record players).

Evolving and transforming through time and space, “Studio” now consists of an acoustically treated room prevalently working as a centre of study and audio research equipped to accommodate a range of productions, preferably focused on the experimental aspect of sound and responding to an aesthetics of spare essentiality. While “Studio” could certainly adopt “less is more” as its strapline, it is also a suitable space for post-production treatments, overdubbing pre-recorded material and similar processes.

A collateral purpose, in line with the archival retrieval and honouring of memory, is the restoration of old cassette tapes that are no longer usable due to technical obsolescence. All too often these tapes are receptacles of rich layers of sonic memories that remain locked in  drawers and cabinets, but reveal unsuspected treasures when made available again.

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