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Professional musician since 1994


Founding member of rock band Karma: composer, arranger and bassist on 2 studio albums(“Karma” and “Astronotus”) and 200 live performances in Italy.


1995 to 2005 collaboration with Fausto Rossi (Faust’o).

1997 to December 2005 bassist with rock band Afterhours : 4 studio albums: “ Non è per sempre “, “ Quello che non c’è” , “ Ballate per piccole iene “ , english language version “Ballads for little hyenas” and one double live album “ Siam tre piccoli porcellin “, as well as over 400 live performances and wide experience in all aspects of related work (live, covers, videos, live tv, showcases etc.). In 1997 with Afterhours opening for Irish band U2 in Reggio Emilia, Italy.
Since 1998 numerous featurings:
Cristina Donà, Tiromancino, Raiz, Mercury Rev, Hugo Race to the latest in 2005 with Mark Lanegan (Screaming Trees, Queens of the Stone Age) and Greg Dulli ( Afghan Whigs, Twilight Singers).


1998 with Afterhours featuring Cristina Donà participation with Lou Reed and Eagle Eye Cherry at Mtv show “Sonic”.

1999 with Afterhours opening for American band REM in Bologna, Italy.



Bassist with band Volwo.

2001 to 2004 Student at the Scuola Civica di Milano; courses in classical music, music theory and double bass with Maestro Paolo Rizzi. Seminars on jazz, contemporary music, world music, electronic and computer music.


2002 at the Milan Triennale, soundscapes for the exhibition “Le Città Invisibili” (“Invisible Cities”), based on Italo Calvino’s novel.



Opening for bands Muse and Red Hot Chili Peppers at the Heineken Jammin’ Festival in Imola, Italy.
Recordings for own project Ensemble Rough, leading various artists in several improvisation sessions. Some of these compositions were selected for the soundtrack of TV documentary “Porrajmos”.
Co-production, bass and percussions on the album “D – Vega” (produced by Mescal) in partnership with artist-songwriter
Davide Catinari (former leader of Sardinian band Dorian Gray).


Presence at the Midem Festival in Cannes (International Music Market) with Afterhours.
Actor in
Guido Chiesa’s film “ Lavorare con lentezza “ (“Working Slowly”), and musician, with Afterhours, on the cover version of Area’s

“Gioia e rivoluzione”, which forms the basis of the film soundtrack.
Play sitar on the album “Ordinary Heroes” by Breakfast ( produced by Mescal).
Since 2004 bassist with singer-songwriter
Luca Gemma (former leader of Milanese band Rosso Maltese)

1 studio album “ Saluti da Venus “ and live tour 2004-2005.


Bassist on 3 tracks in the album “Atleticodefina”, by Atleticodefina.
Bassist on the English language album “ Ballads for Little Hyenas ” by Afterhours, distributed in Europe and the USA.
Preparation and organization of a teaching course centered on the contemporary music scene, its language and best known realities, both from a historical-theoretical and a pratical-musical perspective, focusing more closely on bass, percussion instruments and sound recording techniques.

Bassist on the album “Discontinuo blu” by Luca and Davide Miotti (Sony).


Founding member of project Juan Mordecai with musician David Moretti.

Bassist with rock band Muldoon & the Other, own project of Irish artist David Muldoon. 
Bassist with singer-songwriter
Giancarlo Onorato.
Bassist in
Enrico Tinelli’s trio.


Bass and sitar on the latest record by singer-songwriter Luca Gemma, “Tecniche di illuminazione”, produced by Ponderosa Music & Art.
Producer, lyricist, composer, arranger, multi-instrumentalist and sound engineer on the album “Songs of Flesh and Blood” by project
Juan Mordecai, produced by V2 music.
Bassist on the album of Italian artist
Simone Massaron “Dandelions on fire” featuring American artist Carla Bozulich, released by Long Song Records.
In-depth study in the field of the physics of sound as consultant to Milanese company Cucchi, designing and installing soundproofing systems for a number of professional recording studios.


Bassist with singer-actress Benedetta Laurà.
Bassist with
Vittorio Tolomeo on his album “Prize Day”.


Bassist on latest work of singer-songwriter Luca Gemma ,”Folkadelic” (producer Ray Tarantino), Ponderosa Music & Art.
Co-Founder of the project Dual Lyd with Silvia Alfei.
Founding member of rock band Yellow Moor with Silvia Alfei.
Post-production for the record “Quanti ne sacrificheresti” of Italian band Facciascura.

2009 to 2011 collaboration with Teatro Pane e Mate  as actor and musician on the two-year project “Sentieri d’Acqua”,

directed by Carlos Herrero.


Bassist with band Six MInute War Madness.
Producer of Guglielmo Cappiotti’s first album “ La fine del mondo”, Manzanilla record.
Bassist with
Marco Iacampo for his album “Marco Iacampo”.
Creation of soundscape for contemporary dance piece “A (in rewind)” ideated, written and performed by Silvia Alfei.

Presence as bassist at the Performing Art project “Trace_becoming Art” in collaboration with percussionist Sebastiano De Gennaro under production and direction of Silvia Alfei.

Producer and bassist for the record “La pelle degli spiriti” of Sardinian band Dorian Gray & Bassist for live tour.
Bassist and multi-instrumentalist for Italian duo La Blanche Alchimie.


Co-producer, composer & sound engineer of soundtrack for dance piece “Keep in touch”  from an idea by Silvia Alfei.
Bass on the record by singer-songwriter Luca Gemma ,”Supernaturale”, and bassist for live tour.

Collaboration with Silvia Alfei, co-producer, composer, & sound engineer of soundscape of dance theatre piece “Se mi dispiace o no è un altro discorso” written and performed by dancers Francesca Sproccati & Ulisse Romano.
Live performance in collaboration with performer
Silvia Alfei (Dual Lyd) at La Piattaforma Festival in Turin.

Bass player for rock band Karma (reunion tour).
With Luca Gemma’s trio opening act for
Paolo Nutini and Donavon Frankenreiter.
Bassist for Italian singer
Alice (Samsara Live tour) and featuring with Franco Battiato.
Bass player for the record “Blank times” of
Fausto Rossi.
Producer & bass player for the record “Suite Deserto”(Target) of Italian artist Roberto Santoro.

Collaboration with Italian band Vintage Violence producing their studio single”Sognare sul lavoro”.


2013 Producer for the record “Stile di vita” of band Facciascura.



Co-producer with Silvia Alfei, composer & player for the first album of the band  Yellow Moor.

Bass player for the record “Apps will grow like feathers” of italian band “Prize Day”.

2014 to 2017 bass player for artist Tao in his project Tao Love Bus Experience.

Preparation of a teaching course centered on music production.


Bass player for the record “Adesso guardami” of Italian singer Roberta di Lorenzo.
Bass player, multi-instrumentalist and co-producer with Italian singer Roberto Santoro(Il Santo) on the album “Magaria”.

2016 co-producer, arranger, multi-instrumentalist and sound engineer on the album “Sogni Lucidi” by Italian singer-songwriter Marco Mantovani.
Bass player on the record by singer-songwriter Luca Gemma “Blue Songs” and live tour.
Bass player for
Gnola Blues Band.

Collaboration as bass player with blues band Morblues featuring Justina Lee Brown.

Bass player on the record “3” by singer-songwriter-guitarist Sara Velardo and live tour.


2016 to 2018 bass player for Sardinian band Dorian Gray featuring Blaine L. Reininger (Tuxedomoon) in “Sound & Vision” Live Tour with illustrators: Gildo Atzori, Davide Toffolo, Marino Neri, Paolo Bacillieri, Ausonia, Silvia Rocchi.


Founding member of RAM project with the musicians Roberto Romano & Max Peri.

Bassist & artistic director of Marian Trapassi live band.


2016-2019 in-depth study of bass technique with Dino D’Autorio.

Collaboration with Sotto il Mare Recording Studio. 

Co-production with rock band Brownies Chocolate Explosion.



Collaboration with guitarist and songwriter Fabio Mercuri for the song "Un'altra estate" featuring singer Maddalena Conni.

Post production of the record "Oltre il cielo alberato" (Snowdonia) of Italian artist Odla.


From 2020 studies at the Scuola Civica di Milano, including courses in early music  focused on the Renaissance lute with Paul Beier and Jadran Duncumb, as well as seminars on western plainchant, early music history and executive performing practices. 

From 2020 study of the Arabic Maqam on the Oud with Peppe Frana.

Founding member of IN MAGMA project with the artists Silvia Alfei and Fabio Volpi.  


Co-Producer & bass player for the record K3 by KARMA

K3. Winter Live Tour


KARMA_K3. Spring Live Tour

Bassist with band I FIUMI 

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