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Discovering,  researching and playing Early Music is one of the best and most satisfying things a musician can do.

This project started in 2019, following deep reflection on the status of “modern musicians” forced by common practice to express themselves in terms of “like or dislike” regarding musical materials, and also stemming from my personal need to study new instruments such as the Oud and the Lute.


Our first intent was to research the sort of Filosofia Perennis that pervades modal monodic Traditional Music forms like the Greek, Indian, Chinese, Arab and Persian as well as Western Plainchant (or ”Gregorian Chant” as it is commonly known), rather than following the mainstream “East vs. West” tendency that sees them as disconnected, dichotomous worlds separated by unnatural time jumps.

Natura non facit saltus……… bearing this in mind it is possible to speak of Polyphony and to  play it in a more conscious manner, avoiding the risk of reducing the practice of musical performance and composition to mere taste. 

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