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Experimental Music is a wide-ranging musical practice embodied in exploratory artistic gestures based on experimental criteria and forms, and involving the use of any element deemed suitable to the purposes of a given sound experiment.

The process, mindset and attitude of Experimental Music can generate:


- Musical works based on traditional scores, flow charts, aleatoric guidelines,… 

- Improvisation with or without predetermined rules

- Synaestethic multimedia or sound installations

- Performances (whether live or recorded and streamed)

- Readings and spoken word performances

- Music workshops

- Interdisciplinary collaborations (with dance, theatre, cinema, video art, literature, architecture).





In 2021  Andrea Viti, Silvia Alfei and Fabio Volpi co-founded IN MAGMA with the aim to create an alchemical forge fusing different artistic languages in a spirit of openness to collaborations with other artists, researchers and professionals. 

Research on body movement, sound and visual art propels the collective into experimental terrains in contemporary performing arts through a practice based on shared interdisciplinary creative processes unafraid of cross-contamination.


Andrea Viti initiated the project in 2018 in collaboration with Roberto Romano and Max Peri.

The project is based on the composition and execution of original musical material.


Dual Lyd

In 2009 Andrea Viti co-founded this project with the visual artist and performer Silvia Alfei..

Silvia's research develops movement as a "pure gesture" in action where the attention is focused on "listening" and dialogue with the musical material. Andrea uses melodies, distortions and modulations through the use of synthesizers, prepared electric basses and electronic instrumentation.

Ensemble rough

Andrea Viti initiated this project in 2003. The intent is to form a group of artists who meet to play improvised music.

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