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The project was conceived and initiated by Andrea Viti in 2003, with the aim of forming a group of artists who meet to play improvised music, embracing the adventure of creating soundscapes composed in the moment. The ensemble includes professional musicians working in diverse fields, whether jazz, rock, classical, ethnic or electronic music.


Recording for own project Ensemble Rough, leading various artists in several improvisation sessions. 

Some of these compositions were selected for soundtrack of TV documentary "Porrajmos" una persecuzione dimenticata. 


Produced by Andrea Viti / Recorded by Gianluca Mancini, Andrea Viti, Cesidio Quacquarelli at Mai Tai Studio

Edited & Mixed by Andrea Viti  & Xabier Iriondo  / Mastering  by Maurizio Giannotti

Andrea Viti  electric bass fretless/percussions

Xabier Iriondo mahai metak/electric guitar

Sebastiano De Gennaro marimba/percussions

Gianluca Mancini Rhodes

Enrico Gabrielli sax /bass clarinet

Roberto Romano sax/clarinet

Angelo Avogadri flauto traverso/eventide/

Alessandro Pacho Rossi drums & percussions

Fabio Mercuri electric guitar

Max Peri percussions

Simone Valbonetti Acoustic guitar

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