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Spoken Word

A project aiming to give space and breath to the voices of poets, writers and other practitioners working with the spoken word, whether or not interacting with sonic and video creations, taking the textual form as the starting point of a conversation on poetics.


Cristina Viti  "A book of birth & death" is a poem dedicated by my sister, poet and translator Cristina Viti, to the memory of her son,

my nephew Ryan Lee Viti (1991-2016).

Conception and creation of the original soundtrack of the reading, recording of the voice, mix & mastering.

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Tribute to César Vallejo  "Un hombre pasa con un pan al hombro"

Original soundtrack "Santiago" by RAM  

Voice: Gustavo Giménez

Video by Silvia Alfei 

On suggestion by Cristina Viti

Produced by Andrea Viti & Silvia Alfei 

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Alessandro Manca 

The project stems from my encounter with Alessandro Manca and with his research on Beat Generation writers, and from my ongoing engagement with the possible relationships between musical textures and literary works.

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